Risk Reports 2.0 – update of the publication series “Risk Report – Political Risk Scenarios”

Due to dynamically changing conditions, a selection of the Funk Foundation's existing risk reports has been partially updated and completely revised. The Funk Foundation publishes ten new risk reports together with the Michael Bauer International GmbH (MBI - CONIAS). Since September 2023, the reports on political risks are available for download in several sequences. Thereby companies are provided free of charge with an insightful source of information on the current topic of "political risks”.

Similar to the first edition of the successful series, "Risk Report - Political Risk Scenarios," the reports focus on the following topics:

  • Political Stability and Security
  • Placement in the geopolitical context
  • Openness of the market
  • Development of social cohesion
  • Assessment of the human rights situation
  • Environment and sustainability development

Complex decision-making situations geared towards growing resistance require a fact-based foundation. This increases the need for systematic classification and analysis of political risk scenarios in relevant key countries.

Therefor, the Funk Foundation, together with MBI-CONIAS, has decided to support companies in their assessment of political risks by publishing new and revised risk reports.

The risk reports on Turkey and Brazil were published in September 2023, followed by reports on China and Taiwan in December.

The series will conclude in 2024 with the publications of the country reports on India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

The download of the reports in German and English is available directly after the publication here on our website:

Risk Report Indonesia


Risk Report China


Risk Report Taiwan


Risk Report Turkey


Risk Report Brazil



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