Founders Letter

Certainty of planning and a holistic understanding of the intricacies of chances and risks are and will be highly critical topics for managing successfully our future. Our professional focus on key-elements of Risk and Insurance Management have created sensitivity for those issues and the need for improvements. With the means and aspirations of Funk-Foundation we intend to enhance the risk management quality through better analytics and methodology in the Risk Management process.

Risks are an omni-present and decisive phenomenon of our daily life. They are not static but in a demanding state of flux. And, furthermore, potentially new types, realizations and the “mechanics” and interdependencies of risks, whether exogenous or endogenous by nature, challenge our current business models, processes and in-depth understanding. The pace of change grows and consequently the “half times” of our knowledge base how to encounter and manage risks and chances get shorter and shorter with potentially disruptive calls for change. Research and education in the field of Risk Management are therefore key to overcome current deficiencies to understand and manage complex risks.

Culture forms societies and identities, which enrich us with diversity. However, the overriding aspects of economics frequently limit public access to cultural values. We, at the Funk-Foundation regret this and wish to contribute with our sponsoring means to cultural diversity by means of enabling such hidden cultural values to receive public attention.

By doing so, we are proud to contribute to social welfare!

The founders

Leberecht and Maritta Funk