Risk Reports

The publication series "Risk Report - Political Risk Scenarios" informs and analyzes on a scientific basis which political risks and changes challenge the German economy in countries that are of particularly importance for it.

By analyzing the most important conflict lines and influencing factors as well as highlighting upcoming political events, the reports show which changes German companies are facing abroad. Through the risk reports, companies can assess impacts on the attractiveness of foreign locations. Thereby corporate decision-making on direct investments or trade transactions can be influenced and facilitated.

The Funk Foundation and the Michael Bauer International GmbH (MBI-CONIAS) in Karlsruhe have been publishing the joint publication series "Risk Report - Political Risk Scenarios" since 2018, when the first 25 country reports were published. Those examine on approximately 30 pages, important aspects of a country that are relevant for entrepreneurial engagement there.

In the face of new and increasingly drastic political changes and the resulting risks, the successful series will be expanded and updated with initially 10 country reports from September 2023 onwards. The new edition also focuses on the status quo of extremely important dimensions as among others the country's political stability and security, social cohesion, human rights, and the environment and sustainability.


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