Risk Reports

The new series “Risk Report – Political Risk Scenarios” explains, on basis of scientific analysis techniques, political risks and shows possible changes in 25 countries which are particularly important for the German Economy. The analysis of important conflict lines in each country as well as the identification of the most influential persons and upcoming political scenarios illustrate what pending changes might affect German Companies abroad. The main effectiveness for enterprises: It presents the attractiveness of foreign locations in relation to the background of entrepreneurial decisions for direct investments or commercial transactions.

The Funk Foundation from Hamburg and CONIAS Risk Intelligence from Mannheim finished release to their collectively produced new series “Risk Report – Political Risk Scenarios” in four units. It starts with the analysis of Italy, Argentina and Saudi Arabia and was followed with Reports on countries, for example United Kingdom, USA, Iran, Belarus, Turkey and Egypt. In about 30 pages, every Report will examine the aspects of a country which are relevant for economical engagements there. In addition, they include the stability of a country as well as the legal situation and the opportunity to employ qualified workforce. Moreover, issues like Cyber Risk will be examined.


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