Cyber-Security considered essential in attaining successful digital transformation presents new study regarding Cyber-Security

One in two companies in Liechtenstein has already fallen victim to a cyber-attack. A new study from the University of Liechtenstein assigned by shows high cyber-security risks for the business hub. The Funk Foundation funded a study, which was conducted by the institute of Information Systems of the University of Liechtenstein and lead-managed by professor Pavel Laskov, dean of the Hilti chair in data- and application security, in cooperation with his students. „Digital transformation requires an intensive exposure to the topic of cyber-security. We are delighted, that the results of the study enable fundamental empirical insights which convey recommended courses of action for companies“ states Stefanie Hillegaart, Deputy Chairperson of the Foundation Board of the Funk Foundation.

Within the framework of a representative online-survey of over 100 companies as well as various administrations of Liechtenstein the study revealed that interviewees estimated the cyber-security risk for the state of Liechtenstein to be greater than that for their own company. Over 70 percent of interviewees support the development of a national strategy for the defence of cyber-attacks as well as establishing a contact point for questions and problems regarding cyber-security. These measures would noticeably accelerate the development of expertise regarding cyber-security.

According to the study, effective measures that large-, medium- and small-scale enterprises can take in the fight against cyber-attacks include the nomination of a security officer, appropriate role-based access control as well as the application of established technical instruments like data protection, firewalls and phishing-protection. Furthermore, during the usage of private devices in the company, the emphasis should be particularly strong on security concepts such as two-factor-authentication. Hereby the inclusion of expert suggestions e.g. the outsourcing of IT-security services is highly recommended.

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