Lux Nova Duo with "Inspiración Bach"

The CD of the Lux Nova Duo presents pieces of music by the baroque master Johann Sebastian Bach and places them in a context especially with contemporary works that have been influenced or directly inspired by Bach.

The Lux Nova Duo, consisting of the Peruvian guitarist Jorge Paz and the German accordionist Lydia Schmidl, is characterized by its versatile musical profile. The duo tries to let classical compositions shine in a new light by creating their own arrangements of the pieces. Furthermore the two instrumentalists regularly inspire contemporary composers to create new repertoire for the unusual combination of accordion and guitar.

The Lux Nova Duo feels a great emotional connection to the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach, which is already reflected in the concept of the CD "Inspiración Bach". Bach certainly forms the actual center of this recording, but not necessarily the main focus. Strictly speaking, the focus is on modern or contemporary works (by composers from four different countries), which can all be heard and understood as highly individual musical confrontations with the baroque master. Compositions like "Bachiana Hamburg" by the Peruvian Alejandro Nύñez Allauca even represent the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, which has been very important for the duo's career so far.



CD - Trailer "Inspiración Bach"