CD-Production „Grieg | Sibelius“

Distance becomes proximity 

On the day of recording producer Philipp Nedel spoke with concertmaster Sayako Kusaka about the concept of the album. When asked whether there is a special approach to the interpretation of "Nordic music" for her, she answered:

“If I’m so enthusiastic about this music, it’s not only because it’s by northern European composers but also because I’m Japanese and my sense of distance vis-à-vis great European music by Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy and in this case Sibelius and Grieg is in each case equally great. And yet I can draw closer to this music by engaging with the culture and the mentality of the region in which the composer grew up and by understanding this in my own particular way. For me, studying Sibelius or Grieg is no less fascinating than studying Bach, Debussy or Mozart. In every case distance becomes proximity”.

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The official Video-Trailer of the CD