Profile Dr. Leberecht Funk

Growing up in a multi-generation entrepreneurial family rich of tradition (today the Funk Group) my own professional career path was clearly pre-occupied: humanistic school education, university studies in economics at Free Universitiy in Berlin, London School of Economics and final diploma (Dipl. rer. pol.) of the University of Hamburg. In between a 9 months apprenticeship with the Guardian Insurance Company in London, Liverpool and Manchester and finishing my academic studies as a post graduate student qualifying for PhD in economics (Dr. rer. pol.) at Hamburg University and thereafter joining the family business in Hamburg being challenged by a great variety of innovative tasks.

Besides varying responsibilities, for example for specific lines of insurances and business production tasks at Funk, my main contribution and professional activities focused on the building of the Group’s “Internationality” and Risk Consulting Services adding to our traditional transactional abilities. As Partner and Funk Family representative it was also my complex duty to initiate and accompany early enough the transition from one generation to the next. From numerous honorary engagements in Advisory Boards and non-profit organizations my involvement as President of the German Insurance Broker Association (VDVM) for 10 years probably qualifies most to be mentioned.