Profile Dr. Frank Hennings

Dr. Frank Hennings studied Law at the University of Hamburg. In 1998 he completed the first, three years later the second state exam.

Besides, in 2001 he did a doctorate with Prof. Dr. Michael Köhler at the University of Hamburg on a topic at the interface of Civil Law and Criminal Law including aspects of the Philosophy of Law (“Teleological reduction of fraud due to the victim’s co-responsibility – with special consideration of investment fraud and onbatining credit by false pretences”, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin, 2002).

Currently Dr. Frank Hennings is in charge of Human Resources, Law and Compliance at the Funk Gruppe in Hamburg. Amongst other things he is responsible for legal risk protection and corporate compliance as well as professional advanced training and continuing education. Before joining the Funk Gruppe he worked for a well-known international law firm.