Conflicts, political changes or other dangers arising from digitization have an impact on the German economy. In order to provide companies with an instrument to assess the attractiveness of foreign locations, the Funk Foundation and CONIAS Risk Intelligence GmbH have launched the publication series “Risk Report – Political Risk Scenarios”.

The publication series covers 25 countries and uses scientific analysis techniques to explain different political risks and possible effects for German companies. The Chairman of the Funk Foundation, Hendrik F. Löffler, explains that, besides other implications, political risks play an increasingly important role in investment decisions. The risk reports provide the reader with a transparent picture of the countries and enables him to compare several countries with regard to various influencing factors, such as general security or the political situation.

All 25 risk reports are structured in the same way to ensure comparability between the countries. Each report discusses a best-case, a worst-case and a trend scenario for each country and, according to the managing director of CONIAS Risk Intelligence, Dr. Ing. Nicolas Schwank: “Every Risk Report gives the reader detailed information about which changes are most likely and how they could impact the country and its suitability as a company’s location.”

By fall 2018, all 25 risk reports, that analyze countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Iran, and Belarus, will be published and made available for free.

A download of each completed report is available both on our German and on the English website: